The Panama Canal Expansion: A Supply Chain Game-Changer

Panama CanalBy lengthening, widening and deepening the locks, the Panama Canal will accommodate much larger ships. In fact, the largest ships today carry just 5,000 twenty-foot equivalent units (TEUs). When the expansion is fully complete, expected in early 2016, that number will jump to as high as 13,000. (more…)


West Coast Port Dispute Causes Short-Term Transportation Challenges

box-portWest Coast ports began running at full speed late last month due to a long-standing labor dispute between dock workers and port owners. But the economic impact of the interruptions on both imports and exports, along with ongoing freight flow patterns and congestion, will be felt for months to come, according to Dino Moler, LeSaint’s Executive Vice President of Client Solutions. (more…)

RSC Equipment Rental: “When Quicker Is Better”

Inventory ManagementWhen the 4th Infantry Division stationed at Fort Hood, Texas received orders to move into Iraq, they turned to RSC Equipment Rental to provide equipment that could facilitate around-the-clock loading of supplies and military equipment. At 11 a.m., the Defense Accounting Financing Service requested 30 light towers and 5 reach lifts to be at Fort Hood by 5 p.m. (more…)

Shipment Delays Are Avoided Through New Electronic Tracking Technology

box-wintertrafficShipment electronic tracking technology is now taking out the worry and stress of shippers’ lives. For example, a manufacturing customer of LeSaint Logistics recently had a shipment en-route from Cincinnati to Chicago. Unfortunately there was freezing rain along Interstate 74 just outside of Indianapolis, and LeSaint’s driver learned that the Interstate was shut down up ahead due to severe black ice. (more…)

Driver Shortage Is Addressed Directly Through Partnership With Technical School

box-butlerIt’s no secret that there’s a significant driver shortage – which is having a substantial negative impact on capacity. In fact, according to recent statistics by the American Trucking Associations, there are currently about 25,000 unfilled truck driving jobs. While there’s been this underlying driver shortage, it has been masked by the recession, says Bill Lansaw, Vice President of Transportation for LeSaint. (more…)

Practical Steps To Successful Outsourcing

box-freewayThe practice of outsourcing transportation and other logistics functions continues to be a practice enabling companies to stay focused on their core competencies. As markets, distribution networks, and the scale of your company changes, complexity can become overwhelming. Eventually, the solutions that provided good results in the past become strained. That’s when healthy companies face some tough but important decisions. (more…)

Success Stories: Technology Brings Shippers Added Visibility

Success Case StudiesPowerful new technologies and a vast array of TMS applications now gives today’s shippers the ability to manage orders, optimize loads, select the best carriers, automate shipping for all modes, track shipping progress, settle payment and manage claims. In addition, technologies now map, graph, model, trend and benchmark entire logistics operations at more than half the costs of what was required even just a few years ago. (more…)

Shipment Electronic Tracking and Logs Added To LeSaint Fleet Operations

E-trackingImagine if you could, at any time, have the latest information regarding the location of a driver for last-minute production scheduling. This would ultimately give you the ability to make last-minute decisions about loading or unloading to eliminate production slowdowns. This is just one example of a new shipment electronic tracking capability now available through LeSaint Logistics. (more…)